Blackwater Bold

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12 oz bag

The Anthrasyte Difference

  • Single Origin Coffee Beans (not a blend of multiple beans from different countries)
  • Fresh Roasted (Roasted right before we ship it to you)
  • Roasted in West Virginia by hard working Mountaineers


The main advantage of single-origin coffees is that they will display unique characteristics that can only be found in that specific coffee origin. For example, Guatemala (our Blackwater Bold) coffees are famous for being grown in volcanic soil giving it a delicious and complex flavor entirely unique to Guatemalan coffee. This bright and full-bodied coffee has a deep flavor and a smooth finish.

Simply, just like anything you eat or drink, coffee tastes better when it’s freshly roasted, ground and brewed into a great tasting cup of java. If you have ever had freshly roasted coffee, you would know the staggering dominance in aroma, power, and personality that this brew has over storage kept, stale, commercial brands.

We are proud to be a West Virginia brand that is roasted in Fairmont, WV and shipped from our offices in Parkersburg, WV.  


 A Blackwater Bold cup of coffee is rich and full bodied just like the many rushing waterfalls found in West Virginia.  


Note-  Final Packaging may appear different upon arrival.